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Klockwork kommen aus Spanien, genauer aus Barcelona. hier erstmal die Band in eigenen englischen Worten:

Klockwork was born in Barcelona. We can say that their story starts in 1990 with "Frame", a two member electronic band (David and Vicenç) that had a very small success within tecno-pop scene in Barcelona. They played different concerts in several clubs of the city (Akelarre, Toque BCN, Garatge). They played their own songs and also Depeche Mode versions. In 1997, after a friendly relationship, David and Vicenç broke up, but David, together with his friend Ferran, played under the name of "FRAME TOO" in another Depeche Mode Tribute Festival in September 1998 in Sala Garatge Club. After this concert they liked the idea of continuing playing electronic music. They contact VAMP SLAM, which producer Frans Beltrán gave his best support. So in 1998 they started to record a complete album. Firstly, they sent a three tracks CD demo to different labels in Europe. Then they went on with the recording of "Collage" and, in November 1999, Xavier Morera left the band. It seemed to be a problem but in February 2000, they joined another member, Raúl (exmember of the Gothic band "REMEMBRANCE"). Klockwork finished their first album on January 2000. KLOCKWORK are: · Ferran Pagès - Vocal lead · Raúl López - Keyboards and programming · David Jornet - Keyboards, programming and vocals