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De/Vision Release

19.October 2007

First edition with Extra - CD in record shops or

Label: SPR (Synthetic Product Records)

Distribution: Indigo / Germany

Digital Distribution: Finetunes
available through Itunes and other.




De / Vision
"Da * Mals" 
The content is about the earliest days ,the first recordings of De/Vision.

The label Synthetic Product Records was allowed to release such a 'Best of'
compilation in 2007 at the earliest. Now in the times of a synthpop lull and
to recall memories of the past, this CD will finally be released. 

In 1988, the band De/Vision still consisted of members Markus, Stefan,
Steffen and Thomas. Puns and word jokes were order of the day. Statements in
interviews that De/Vision has something to do with division, that they chose
the letter 'D' to be found on the same CD shelf as Depeche Mode , eventually
lead to the album title 'Da * Mals' with songs from the years
1988 - 1992.

For all those who always wanted to know how De/Vision started, to experience
soft techno music (today it is called Old-School-Synthpop) of the early 90s,
how De/Vision sounds without producer and why it was so difficult for
De/Vision in their infancy, we recommend (but not only to those curious)
this release.

The first responses to this album show that 'Da * Mals' is the fans' kind of
thing - not only what the music expresses but also the band's humour.

With the first edition, there also comes a CD with the work of De/Vision
ex-member Stefan Blender who left the band in 1991. 
With the 50th release at the label Synthetic Product Records
(15 years after the first release) Stefan Blender will finally be appreciated at least a bit.
A very special feature is the song 'Tears of missing days' based on a tape recording of 1988.
# Song Version Music Lyrics Year of recording
1 Try to forget demo Try Stefan Blender & Steffen Keth Thomas Adam 1992
2 Ignore me   Steffen Keth Thomas Adam 1990
3 You want to kill me   Markus Ganssert   1990
4 Skin mix   Stefan Blender Markus Ganssert 1990
5 Boy on the street hello High mix Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1991
6 The scenery deludes tranquilizer mix Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1991
7 Plight sos mix Stefan Blender   1991
8 What we have to learn fast er mix Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1991
9 Boy pn the street disjoited mix Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1991
10 Your hands on my skin ur version Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1990
11 Always proved   Markus Ganssert Markus Ganssert 1992


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# Song Year
1 Winter falls 1996
2 So much more 1996
3 Liquid 2004
4 Mind reverse 2004
5 Taste of tears 2004
6 Tears of missing days (Taperecording) 1988
stefan blender

Music written and performed by Stefan Blender

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